Can We Live Without Technology?

No, we cannot live without technology. Technology is something that in today’s time is necessary for quality of life. No music, no internet, no video games, no TV, no fun, no social life, there is absolutely no life without technology. In this fast paced world technology is needed for even the simplest things, be it an alarm clock or a coffee maker. It is growing at a lightening speed and making it hard for people to keep up with it.

With laptops, personal computers, cell phones, handheld tools people have more than needed resources but are unable to use these wisely. Each one of us uses technology in some ways or the other to make life easier which is the reason it has come a long way, with tremendous developments in each field, be it the internet or mobile phones.

We all use technology in some ways or the other. The real question is that are we using the latest development and advancements in technology to the best? The entire world depends on technology as it bought great things such as cars, medicines, microwaves, etc. and each day there is the new development. Telephones and laptops or more likely iPads are used to carry out routine tasks. If these are taken away, then people feel that their life is seized. One can say technology has its side effects and has made us lazy, impatient and dependent. It is the sole reason that the entire world is functioning normally.

If we see the positive side then due to technology, we can carry out complex surgeries, we have apps in our mobile phone that enable us to track our health, finances, etc. Technology has made it possible for a person with a disability to walk or run in a marathon; it is the reason that has helped an individual with a disability to communicate with the rest of the world. It is because of technology that we can talk to our friends and relatives in distant places.

Businesses use both the internet and mobile apps to reach to a wider audience to expand their array of services and without technology, it is not possible. Technology is neither good nor bad, at this point it is not possible to live without technology, but yes, we can find ways to use it wisely and not entirely depend on it. Eventually, in the end, we have come to the conclusion that we are not entirely dependent on technology, yet we rely on it for most of the things in our daily life.

Source by Sumeet Soni

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