How to Make Money Online – Discussing and Exploring the Different Ways to Make Money Online

First off there are tons of ways to make money online. The real trick is to find something you can enjoy and to be persistence. Forget the get rich overnight thing and be prepared to put in the work. There is no magical pill and there is no waiting for checks to show up in the mail. Very few people got wealthy without putting in the work. So be prepared to put in the time.

Some of the many, many ways to make money online are freelance jobs such writing articles and press release, making video’s, taking surveys, designing logo’s, web design etc. There are a lot of websites and people on the Internet that will hire people to do these tasks. The most popular and my most favorites are drop shipping and affiliate marketing. I love these two ways for tons of reasons. The main reasons are because it’s the perfect way to do what you love and there’s tons of money to be made!

The very first rule to doing anything including and especially making money is to do something that you enjoy! You can find drop shippers and affiliate programs for anything. If you look at amazon alone, there are products you can promote for just about anything. If you’re a stay at home mom there are products to promote. If you’re a student or a teacher there are products to promote. If you’re in to woodworking or working with your hands, or a painter (commercial, residential or artistic) there are products to promote. Science, music, movies, technology, entertainment, everything! And that’s just amazon. You also have eBay, home depot, Walmart, best buy and tons of other companies that have affiliate programs that you can get involved in. And that’s just affiliate programs.

There are also tons of drop shipping companies online as well. With drop shipping you do some extra work but you get a bigger profit margin and it’s a good way to build a customer base. With drop shipping you take the order and fulfill it for the customer by ordering it through the company yourself and having it shipped to the customer. With affiliate marketing the company (amazon for example) will take the order and fulfil it with they’re own payment gateway. You’re simply promoting they’re products for a commission and they do the rest. So with drop shipping the profit margins are higher because you’re doing extra work but affiliate marketing is very easy and can be extremely profitable. I recommend starting with affiliate marketing until you can find good companies that are willing to drop ship for you.

So we have discussed many different ways to make money online and my personal favorites. You can do freelance things and you can sell products. I recommend finding a product that’s related to what you enjoy doing, setting up a blog or a website and promoting those products with affiliate programs or drop shippers. This way we’re doing what we love and enjoy doing which is the most important thing of all. And what’s really cool is once you find a product or something to promote you have all the recourses available to you on the Internet to help you. You have Facebook and tons of other social media to help you promote yourself. You have article marketing sites, press release sites, answer sites, blogs forums, YouTube, AdWords, Facebook ads, training programs, and tons of other ways to help you make money online.

I know this may sound overwhelming but in all reality it’s not. You find a product, put up a site and promote the product or products. Start with Facebook and article marketing then move on to YouTube. Once you’re proficient on all of those move on to another form of marketing such as Pinterest or Twitter or Google+. (And these are just a few of the free methods) There is no need to get overwhelmed and try to do everything at once.

The main thing is to find something you enjoy doing and to never give up!

There will be people who make money easily but you might not be one of them. So find something you can enjoy and keep going until you figure it out. If you meet your goals and it even takes a year it will still be worth it. Even If you get scammed even if it seems to hard or to complicated. You probably will get scammed and you might have to go through several programs, websites and companies. You might have to spend some money. So be persistent and keep doing what you have to until it works! Don’t stress or worry or think it needs to happen overnight. As long as you keep working towards it you will find something online that will pay the bills and that you can enjoy doing.

Source by Brian D Whitney

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