How to Survive Your Work Experience

The night before your work experience starts is also the night when you have to start making some changes. Otherwise you could end up walking zombie-like through the office and no one particularly likes that. My advice given here is, stay in and don’t go out. You can save your partying for the weekend. If I did that for the past 5 weeks anyone can. Have an early night and go to bed at about 11. The worst part is yet to come.

The Morning (This is the worst part)

You hear your annoying alarm at an hour you usually wouldn’t even think of getting up. Well unfortunately things have changed so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to wake up. This is possible the worst part of your entire work experience. You’ll find the first morning the hardest but don’t worry, it gets easier after that. You just have to acquire a new routine, which means lying in during the weekends would not be a good idea. You won’t be able to get up again on Monday. So in this case your social life goes out the window and you might start to like the sound of your own voice. Don’t forget the obvious: breakfast, brush your teeth, and look presentable. Presentable means relatively smart.

Going to Work

Make sure you are ALWAYS on time unless you absolutely can’t make it. If you can’t you should have a pretty good reason and not because you slept in. Impressions are the only thing that counts and if you give the company one of you being lazy and unreliable, there will be a good chance they won’t take you seriously. That basically means you’ll have a horrible time and you could even be branded as the coffee/fax girl/boy, which is anyone’s worst nightmare. This leads us to another topic…

The Infamous Hot Beverage

This is also known as coffee. Most businesses would crumble without out. It literally is what is flowing through the veins of most of the employees (you’ll see what I mean). Even though it’s not always your turn, offer to make some now and then again. Coffee equals happy bosses and happy bosses means decent tasks.

At Work

You might get some tasks that border on boring or even ‘I can’t stay awake’. Well as does everyone, you have to get through it without moaning too much. These things have to be done one way or another so try to do it with some enthusiasm even though you might want to take a nap. Try to do as much work as you can and if it involves staring at a computer screen a lot, take a break. Otherwise your eyes could start to hurt A LOT and you won’t be able to do anymore work. Unless of course that’s your plan…


Once tasty time approaches make sure you don’t give yourself an overly generous lunch break, unless you’ve been given a huge one of course. It could make you look lazy once again. You could be faced with potential lazy situations a lot.

The End of the Day

If this aspect saddens you, I’m guessing you have landed you’re dream placement, hate your home, or think the office chair is superbly comfy. For those that are looking forward to their dinner, don’t pack up too hastily. Keep your space tidy. Wash your coffee or tea cup and put everything away. To be honest, it should just be expected but I’m putting it out there for those who feel it’s not necessary. In order to get that routine going you should tuck yourself in at ten or eleven, you’ll regret it otherwise. Good luck!

Source by Lynne Foster

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