Wordpress development services

WordPress Website Development Services Company

Do you want to maintain your site without coding? That’s easy! Get the site developed in WordPress and manage your content by yourself and keep your website most updated. Shiva Web Tech is one of the fast-growing WordPress Development Services in Mohali, Our WordPress developers are highly capable of delivering the high-quality WordPress website and also highly specialized in HTML 5, CSS and PHP framework for your small, medium and large-scale business at a competitive price.

WordPress Development Services

One kind of web developer is a WordPress developer. Building WordPress websites is their area of expertise. They are also “full-stack” developers, able to create both the front end and the back end of a website. A WordPress developer can be hired to improve the WordPress software or create a unique website for a client.

Contracting WordPress Development Services Company That Produce Results.


Configuring and installing:
Because we have extensive industry experience, we make the installation and configuration process stress-free. To make this process simple, our development team applies its expertise and skills.

Adaptive design:
We create web solutions with a pleasing look and feel using WordPress as a reputable web design company. We guarantee that the website works properly and looks great on all major browsers and mobile platforms.

Plugin creation:
We cater to a variety of business requirements and offer them specialized WordPress plugins and extensions. We increase the functionality of your website using plugins in accordance with your business requirements.

Solutions for e-commerce:
We are skilled at integrating Woo Commerce and building a customized eCommerce website for your company. To create an eCommerce website with all the necessary features and plugins and to give it a strong online presence, we also integrate these.

Development of CMS:
To keep your website constantly updated, we specialize in streamlining and speeding up the content creation process. We create a standard-compliant, simple-to-manage website by utilizing WP CMS’s features.

Solutions For Payment:
We are experts at integrating different payment gateways and processing options into WordPress websites to provide users from all over the world with a smooth transactional experience. Furthermore, we take strict security precautions.

Our developers are competent technically, and they will update and maintain your website quickly. Because of their prior experience, they can provide technical support and upkeep services that keep up with updates.

Our WordPress web development services

Our WordPress web development services aims at benefiting clients from a popular open source CMS which has features to help build quality websites and applications to support business goals easily.

Key Features

WordPress Development Services make your website fully dynamic and functioning. Lightly weighted plugins help in increasing the website performance and loads the website fast.The best user interface is guaranteed.

WordPress Development Services

Mobile Responsive

The powerful feature of WordPress development services is its responsiveness nature, it is compatible and flexible with all the devices.

Theme Customization

Customizing and managing a WordPress theme is easy for every user as the structure and content is editable.

Bulk Plugins

The best-added advantage of WordPress is its plugins, there are numerous plugins available that are easy to install & use.

SEO Friendly

WordPress comes with various SEO Plugins that make your website to rank high in a short period in targetted search engines.

Upgrade & Support

CMS keeps you updated once a new version or a new plugin comes in, these updations won’t affect your current website functionality

Plenty Of Widgets

Custom widgets help the user with its easy access, we can integrate them anywhere throughout the page.


1. WordPress is totally free:
WordPress itself is completely free. There is no charge for downloading the software from WordPress.
The one drawback is that WordPress needs to be hosted somewhere. There are two options: 1) Self-hosted, where you are responsible for hosting costs, maintenance, and security; and 2) Managed hosting, where you pay someone else to handle hosting, much of the maintenance, and security on your behalf.

WordPress Development Services

2. Easy to Use

WordPress is, first and foremost, incredibly simple to use and has a very user-friendly interface. Thanks to WordPress, you can create a website without knowing how to code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or PHP. This characteristic has given WordPress an advantage over rivals. To begin creating your website, pick from a variety of Templates. Including additional pages, images, toolbars, menu bars, etc.Best WordPress development services. For improved Security, Performance, etc., you can install and add plugins to your website. Is likewise very simple in WordPress.

4. Attractive Templates :
While discussing Templates, let’s give credit where credit is due. The majority of the Templates in WordPress are available for free use. They provide any look you desire for your website, making it appear professional. If you desire, you can purchase some premium templates, but the free templates are equally as attractive as the paid ones.

5. It is quick and easy to add content to websites.
The process of starting a new post is simple.
Click Add New when your mouse is over the Posts menu in the left sidebar to open the Add New Post window. Click Publish after entering your title and content.
A new page can be easily made.
You can access the Add New Page window by hovering your mouse over the Pages menu in the left sidebar and selecting Add New. Click “Publish” after entering your title and content.

6. Mobile Compatibility :
WordPress websites can be viewed on mobile devices; it provides a selection of responsive templates and plug-ins that can automatically alter their layout to display beautifully on a mobile device as well. Compatibility with mobile devices has a positive impact on your site’s Google ranking.

7. Using plugins, you can practically do anything with your website.
Plugins are available to assist with security, SEO, audio, video, and even checking the word count and usage across all of your blog posts.
Among the more well-liked plugin types are:.
E-Commerce (Woo Commerce is the most popular).
Security (a few examples include Jetpack and Sucuri).
SEO (I like Yoast better than All-In-One SEO).
Contact forms (such as those provided by WP-Forms or Ninja Forms).
Page builders (such as Site Origins’ Page Builder).

8. Community Support 
People from all over the world contribute to and improve WordPress, which is an open-source platform.
Throughout the world, there is a community of WordPress users who support it. Because it is free and open-source, WordPress lacks a dedicated support staff but the WordPress user community offers any assistance you might require. It is the responsibility of this community to secure and update WordPress frequently.